2022 Cultivars

Midnight Gardens
Humboldt County Heirloom Cannabis

Benbow, CA
Sun+Earth Certified & Clean Green Certified



House cross of:
Woody Kush x (Ghost OG x Cherry Limeade)

Full Season Sun Grown Cannabis
26% THC / 2.33% CBG / 1.7% CBC
30.3% Total Cannabinoids

Potently psychedelic and full-body high with some sedating effects. Interesting range of cannabinoids! Carries along the hard-hitting gas quality of a traditional OG Kush with the added flavors of cedar and cherry. A useful tool for inner journeying and deep reflection.


Humboldt Seed Company
Shishkaberry x Truffula Tree

Full Season Sun Grown Cannabis
23% THC

A very balanced strain for morning (or evening) adventures, Raspberry Parfait offers an uplifting, creative, and energetic high. The terpene-rich profile fills the palette with the scent and flavor of raspberry-vanilla and a touch of yogurt, providing a tasty and refreshing smoking experience.


Conscious Cultivators
Heirloomed from the
1996 Eugene “Trinity” Cut

Full Season Sungrown Cannabis
30.83% THC (32.5% total cannabinoids)

A legendary and rare cultivar with origins in the roots of the Emerald Triangle. Favored by connoisseurs, Royal Trinity has a scent reminiscent of the best kushes with even more complexity. Effect is strong and psychedelic.


Conscious Cultivators
Heirloomed from
Mendo Breath x Cheese

Full Season Sungrown Cannabis
24.24% THC

This outstanding variety was a selection from a Mendo Breath and Cheese cross, and it is a true crowd-pleaser. This batch tested at 29% total cannabinoids. The non-THC cannabinoids contribute to a special effect unlike that of the one-dimensional modern hybrids. This entourage effect leaves one feeling joyful, excited, and in their body.


Conscious Cultivators
Heirloomed from

2000’s Blackberry Kush X Mazari Hash Plant

Full Season Sungrown
21.15% THC

A fruity, Indica heavy strain heirloomed from Blackberry Kush and Mazari Hash Plant over decades on the west coast. An excellent choice for fruit lovers.


Hand Selected
Phenotype of

Gelato x Wedding Cake

Greenhouse Grown
26% THC

A popular favorite, this Ice Cream Cake batch yielded some amethyst purple AAA flower.

Double Cuvée 1:1

Derived from Subcool x Aficionado genetics
(Space Queen X Pinot Noir cross)

Full Season Sungrown
1:1 THC to CBD

A true Sativa, this is another rare cultivar showcasing unique qualities in heirloom cannabis that the hype strains can never reproduce. The multidimensional flavor has notes of chocolate, moist forest, red wine, and cedar. Cuvee offers a highly focused and energetic experience that is sure to inspire.


Conscious Cultivators
Heirloomed from Mendo Breath

Full Season Sungrown
1:1 THC to CBD

A beautiful flower perfect for someone interested in the full medicinal spectrum of qualities that cannabis has to offer. A great choice for those who want the full
experience of smoking the highest grade flower from Humboldt County while remaining clear in their head.