Our Gardens

Midnight Gardens is a family-owned cannabis and medicinal herb farm in legendary southern Humboldt County, California. They hold a deep reverence for the Earth, soil health, biodiversity, water, and community. Midnight Gardens cultivates high-quality cannabis flower for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual uses using time-honored craft methods and the power of the sun and has received both Sun+Earth and Clean Green certifications.

Legacy farmer Chris Larsen-Gould and herbalist Selena Rowan are committed to creating long-lasting relationships that cultivate abundance for all involved. Midnight Gardens strives to be a positive agent in the local, national, and global movements for social, racial, and environmental justice with the ultimate intent of increasing the earth’s capacity for sustaining life so that all may thrive.


Our Partners

Clean Green Certified logo
Clean Green certifies cannabis grown using international sustainable and organic practices. The closest to “Organic” that cannabis can get – Since 2004
Sun+Earth Certified logo
Sun+Earth certifies that cannabis brands are holistically, responsibly, and regeneratively grown for the well-being of all people, farmers, and the planet.
Built on a foundation of fifty years of innovation, HCGA members are statewide leaders for environmentally and ethically produced cannabis.
Redwood Roots Inc. is a family of farmers and canna-artisans that have come together to bring nature’s best medicine from our community of multi-generational farmers to you. Our sources use sustainable farming practices, rooted in a healthy community and environment for ourselves and future generations.
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